Reimagine health insurance by paying your doctor on the spot.

Pay your doctor instantly at the time of your visit using your Sidecar Health payment card. Take advantage of discounts doctors offer when you pay upfront – since they do not need to chase down insurance reimbursements – and get more affordable health care. And say goodbye to surprise bills down the road.

Pay less for coverage you want

We cut out the administrative middleman between you and your doctor and then pass those savings on to you.

Health Insurance the way it should be.

Traditional Plans may not work for everyone, whether that reason is cost or narrow networks. Sidecar Health created plans with affordable, robust coverage that can be used at any healthcare provider and pharmacy.

Why should you consider Sidecar Health?

  • Plans are over 40% less expensive than comparable major medical plans.
  • Members can see any licensed healthcare provider or visit any pharmacy they want.
  • Coverage can be customized and can be changed or canceled at any time.
  • Fixed benefit amounts for every covered service found in our app, providing full transparency.
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More Reasons to consider Sidecar Health:

  • Members are in control of their healthcare spending.
  • Robust coverage with more than 170,000 services covered, except for maternity.
  • Look up healthcare providers near you and help other members every time you use your coverage by adding what you paid at the door.
  • Plans are underwritten by insurance partners that are rated A by AM Best.
  • Anyone under 65 can enroll any time – no need to wait for Open Enrollment!
  • We use technology to remove most of the admin expense processes associated with traditional insurance and pass the savings on to members.

Here is how it Works

  1. Ask your Doctor for the discounted self-pay price.
  2. Compare prices between Doctors to find the best rate.
  3. Pay with your Sidecar Health payment card at the Doctor’s.
  4. Upload a picture of an itemized bill and your done!

Frequently Asked Defined Benefit Health Questions