April 2020

How do I become a member?

Becoming a member is simple; complete the membership application process online by calling 800-235-0876.

Will my doctor accept my Healthcare Sharing program?

We offer a recognized Healthcare Sharing Ministry that is part of MultiPlan-PHCS, a network that most medical providers participate in. Click here To check if your provider is in the MultiPlan-PHCS network or call 800-235-0876

What medical needs are eligible for sharing?

Medical needs eligible to be shared by healthcare sharing members compare favorably to their prior medical coverage. Eligible medical needs are listed in the membership guidelines.

Who is OneShare Health?

OneShare Health is a Healthcare Sharing family that welcomes, invites, and unites those who agree with their core biblical principles relating to life, health, and caring for others, as evidenced in their shared Statement of Beliefs. The OneShareHealthcare.com website is [...]