Affordable Care Insurance for your family; Health Care Coverage can be a difficult decision, we are here to make it easier on you.

Which health insurance plan is right for you?

We understand everyone’s budgets and health care needs are different. That’s why we represent plans that come in different price levels. Whether you’re a family of five with lots of doctor’s appointments or someone who just wants to be covered for emergencies, we may have a plan to help match your needs and fit your wallet. Let’s check out all your health plan options so you can find what may work for you or your family.

What is the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare?

The Affordable Care Act, or ACA, is a law designed to help ensure that all Americans have access to affordable health insurance. ACA plans can be sold on or off the health insurance exchange, so buying a policy in the individual market is now a realistic option for a lot more people.

How Expenses are Covered

Health Insurance Deductibles & Co-pays
When you have health insurance, our plans are here to help with medical costs. As soon as you start the monthly payments on your health plan, you’ll be covered for check-ups and preventive care. Most preventive care is free or costs a fee called a copay. Remember, our plans cover your health conditions regardless of any preexisting conditions.

For other care, you might be asked to pay for your care up to a certain amount. That’s reaching your deductible. Once you reach it, we’ll start paying for a percentage of your costs. You just pay the rest. That’s called your coinsurance. Finally, every plan has an out-of-pocket limit that you can reach if you spend a lot in one year.

Medical Expenses Over the Year


The set amount you pay out-of-pocket each year before your plan starts paying for covered services, except for in-network preventive services.
In-network preventive services are covered before the deductible is met.

Copays & Coinsurance

A copay is a fixed fee that you pay out-of-pocket for each visit to an in-network health care provider. Coinsurance is the amount you pay for covered health care services. It’s a percentage of the cost of services after the deductible has been paid.

Out-of-pocket limit

Once you have met your out-of-pocket limit, your plan pays 100% of the maximum allowed amount for covered services for the rest of that calendar year.

Benefits of Becoming and Having Health Insurance

When you choose an individual or family insurance plan, you’ll have access to leading doctors and hospitals. It’s important to us that you see the doctor you want and get the care you need.

It’s all about great doctors

You’ll see the difference with Anthem. You can select great doctors, care centers, and hospitals from our network of providers. You can also have a private video visit with a doctor or therapist on your smartphone, tablet or computer. It’s one of the best ways for us to help support your health and the health of your family.

Access to preventive care

At Anthem, we believe that prevention is the best medicine. Preventive care is offered for as low as $0 with no copay and no deductible to meet when received from in-network providers.